Happy New Year, Fools!

Posted Jan 3, 2012 by Freshhh in All Articles

Well, 2012 is officially on and poppin. I hope you all had a great holiday season and are ready for the new year. Tons to build upon from 2011, and I plan on hittin the ground runnin’. I was able to take some time off (from work and writing) and reflect on last year…. And boy, that shit was crazy.

I was fortunate enough to meet a bunch of incredible people…who, luckily enough for me, will go forward and replace some of the people I wish to leave behind in the new year. Those people provided me with laughs for days while I continued my journey to who I am today. Trips all over the states and around the world showed me what the REAL world is all about… made me realize all you peons I deal with and read tweets from on a daily basis really ain’t doin shit with yourselves. I challenge you to grow the fuck up, take a nice trip, and live a little. You’ll be glad you did…. Especially when the world ends in December…

Anyway… I am definitely grateful and hopeful for continued success and prosperity this year; I work too damn hard. Be blessed and do your best to stay positive and on your hustle.. laugh loud, love hard, and continue to keep it a hundred.


Now back to my stories…

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