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Of course it was all smooth sails to the airport. My homie graciously whipped me out to Dulles, blunt on deck. The flight wasn’t too bad thanks to the fact that the in-flight meal was bomb, I was high and easily influenced to pass out, and I had dropped some extra bread to upgrade my seat. Due to a tail wind, I arrived in Amsterdam an hour early (at 6:45 AM), which was frustrating for me because I had until 2pm to kill until my friends arrived, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to take advantage of this time. Of course I got a shitty exchange rate for my dollar (€1,033 Euro for $ 1,600USD– ridiculous) and naturally despite days of planning for this trip, my phones didn’t work.

After a mini early morning crisis phone call to my mother, I was able to get a phone number to call Verizon and get my shit turned on. Once my communication lines were restored, I stuffed my suitcase in a luggage locker and I was out! On the train to the city to do some exploring, eating, and hopefully smoking before my friends arrived!

As I stood at the train ticket machine (thanking God most things were in English), I couldn’t help but think about how desperately I need to learn the metric system as well as the approximate exchange rate… If I keep thinking the Euro ain’t a rip off, I’d be broke before Day 2.

To my surprise, purchasing my train ticket to downtown and locating the departing track was a breeze. The trains are all double-decker trains and so much cleaner than many cities here in the states. The views on the 15-minute ride were crazy; Apartments that reminded me of something off House Hunters International, awesome graffiti like I was riding on the NYC subway, and a Staples. Pretty much all made me feel at ease, like I was home.

After I got off of the train and exited the station, It was all sinking in: IM IN AMSTERDAM…..and I’m starving. I decided to stroll down this main strip (one of the most popular shopping areas called Dam Square) and find some breakfast. Since it was only 8am on Thursday, not too many stores were open, but my breakfast options were endless.  Walking around Amsterdam was already difficult, even in the wee hours of the morning. Crossing the street is a chore… between pedestrians, MAD bikes, street tram/trolley cars, vehicles, etc. I almost lost my life crossing the first street I came across. Smh. However, it was interesting to see all of the different faces… every race you could think of… all riding bikes and smoking cigarettes simultaneously; what talent.

Of course my ass was trying to find the cheapest breakfast. I failed. My shit was expensive as hell, and if I knew she was charging me for WATER, I would have gone parched. Note to self: Must learn euro conversions ASAP.

Of course, being such a small world and all, I happen to meet an apparent drug dealer from Mount Vernon, NY (the neighboring town to Yonkers, NY- where I was born and raised) named Polo and his boy Juan. Never a dull moment, these fools were sitting at the table right behind me and naturally, being the rude Americans they are, complained about every part of their breakfast. *slow clap* News Flash “Polo”… you’re not in NYC anymore foolio, shit isn’t always going to be like home.

Anyway, after breakfast we got to chatting and they informed me that they were here with a group of friends for a week and just got back from a couple days in London. How exciting. When asked my post-breakfast plans I replied that I had like 4 hours to kill until my friends arrived in town, and it was too early to really go exploring, since most of the businesses weren’t yet open. Juan enthusiastically asked me if I had been to a coffeeshop yet. My eyes lit up… and we were off…

Right around the corner from where we ate was 420 Café. I was excited to FINALLY smoke something in Amsterdam, but I was also intrigued as to how the whole process worked. We basically walked in, walked up to the counter, and peeped a menu. The menu featured like 6-10 different types of weed, with pricing for each (in increments of 1 gram and 5 grams), as well as prices for a selection of pre-rolled joints and various varieties of hash…and edibles! I have made it to the motherland!!!

Juan and I sampled a few of the varieties and settled on the NY Diesel (how fitting). He procured 5 grams for €57 and we got to rolling up. The coffeeshop, which actually DOES serve coffee in addition to the drugs, provided rolling papers for us; we also could have chosen to smoke out of a Volcano vaporizer or one of many glass bongs. The saying “time flies when you’re having fun” is no bullshit. Juan and I sat there for like 3 hours smoking and chopping it up. During that time, one by one, a few of his friends came and smoked something and left. Before I knew it, it was 1:30pm and I had to book it to make it back to the airport to grab my luggage and greet my girl! Juan threw me the 2 grams left of the Diesel and the pack of rolling papers and walked me to my train; a true gentleman if you ask me.

I made it back to the airport with enough time to get my luggage and mosey on over to my friends’ gate; I greeted them as we hopped into a van and headed for the apartment. The apartment was beautiful! The first floor housed a spacious living area, dining room, and full kitchen. The 2 top floors held the 4 bedrooms and 3 more bathrooms (well… half bathrooms? 2 of them only had showers and sinks). One of my friends, being the techie he is, brought all of his hook-ups to enable some wireless internet for us as well as hook-up his Apple TV so we would have access to thousands of movies and shows; PERFECT. To my friends’ surprise, I already had weed (thanks Juan!) and we rolled up on site to christen our trip. It was so nice to finally all be together and in the apartment: we made it!!!

Fuck US making it, I made it! I have been waiting for this trip forEVER and I am proud of myself that I was able to handle the phone crisis, board the right train into the city, navigate my way around, and make some new friends. I don’t know what I had initially been so worried about, even going as far as to look into changing my flight so I wouldn’t have as much waiting time for my friends. I’m glad I didn’t; what a wonderful learning experience…not to mention that breakfast and a joint was just what I needed.

Below are photos from my trip. Originally, I had written sections about each adventurous day of my trip but now have decided to keep those memories to myself and just share some pictures from Amsterdam and my overnight trip to Germany. Draw your own conclusions…

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