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It feels like the second I am satisfied in a relationship and am off the market, every nigga I know has something to say about it. Whether it be someone I used to date, have fucked, or just a male friend that has feelings, everyone is coming out of the woodwork, with enhanced curiosity, in hopes of finding out whom I am talking to and what the details of the situation are.

First, let’s get something straight…. I don’t own anyone ANY type of explanation.  For once in my life I am happy and I’m really not digging this whole fucking question- answer period filled with “Who’s your man?”,  “What does he do?”, “Do I know him?”,  Yadda yadda yadda. Give me a fucking break. Half y’all niggas couldn’t give a shit less who I’m with, you just wanna be nosey, and it’s pretty irritating. Why don’t you ask about how I’M doing… if I’M happy…what do I have planned, etc. Show some compassion to me as a friend instead of trying to gauge where you fall in terms of the man I am dating. Why make comparisons between you and him when most of you already KNOW we wouldn’t ever work out as a couple… which is why we haven’t tried… and if we have, it’s the reason why it never worked out in the first place.

I am glad that I have finally come to a point where I am not constantly searching for a man better than the one I am currently interested in/talking to. Historically, I would continue to entertain such foolish advances from some of these men, in hopes of finding the next best thing. Fortunately for me, I am currently with the best thing for me. I have absolutely no interest in dealing with these other men, and in turn, I no longer feel obligated to return texts, calls, emails, DMs, etc. Nor am I concerned with feeding their egos by always thinking ‘well what if they get mad I didn’t respond?’…who the fuck really cares?!

I guess my point is…CAN I LIVE?! If we are going to continue associating with each other, then let’s continue as friends. There’s really no need to inquire any information on my relationship other than that which I offer to you… as a courtesy to you, as my friend. It’s really not fair to pretend you are interested in me just because you are uninterested in me giving my attention elsewhere.  It’s ok to let me go… I have moved on to bigger (literally) and better things… and still love each and every one of you… would hope for nothing but the best for you. Which is exactly what you should be doing for me…

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