Don’t Be Picky, It Gets Sticky…

Posted Jun 24, 2010 by Freshhh in Dating
I have been doing some more thinking (surprise!) and I was thinking of my last blog post and reasons why the games I mentioned are played.  Although we all may want just one person…one perfectly imperfect person….we are at the stage of our lives where we do our fair share of comparison shopping.  I do not think there is anything wrong with “dating” a couple of people at the same time, as long as it is done in good taste.  Although, as a female, I do not like/participate in the idea of fucking different people at the same time, I think it is OK to be emotionally and mentally involved with multiple people (within reason—2 or 3 people max or else the feelings definitely get diluted) at the same time.  Getting to know someone is the most important stage of any relationship (dating, friendship, etc.) and the vibes exchanged will set the tone for all that is to come in the future.

However, I was thinking about the notion of men not taking me seriously and I realized that maybe I am just one of many for them, which is fine. But where one guy might be high on my list (lets say, top 3), I may not be as high on his roster of ladies.  What happens with this kind of imbalance? I suppose I feel lucky enough to make the cut, but am I really wasting my time if we don’t both hold each other up to the same light?  Consequently, how do I raise my stock if I don’t know what the other chicks are working with? I suppose I just have to keep it 100 and be myself and hope that these other bitches fuck up!

All this is fine…until I think about men and their historical record of being very indecisive.  Although females are picky as well, men are worse. Where women know what they want and just want men to fit a specific mold, men do not know what they want and would rather experiment with many women to try and find what they THINK they are looking for.  It’s pretty jumbled up if you ask me because this is exactly what gets men in trouble.  Men, more than women, find themselves in love (or in a lot of times, LUST) with more than one female at once.  Where many females take offense to this, I can see it… I know there have been times when I have had an attachment to more than one guy at once, but I always do my best to decide which one is the one I want to take to the next level.  But it is very hard for men to choose and that leaves the women involved in a sticky situation, especially because a lot of times we do not know where we stand, or just how many others we are fighting with for his attention….stringing women along can be dangerous for both parties involved.

All I know is… I’m not afraid of putting on my boxing gloves and fighting for what I want.  I think if you are willing to fight for something in the first place, than it must be worth it. I no longer have the desire to think about what my competition is doing…I’m going to hit the ground running and see where it takes me…

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