Do Wing Woman Services REALLY Help Single Men Approach Attractive Women?

Posted Mar 16, 2012 by Freshhh in All Articles


Every time I’m out with male friends and they’re too shy to approach a female, guess who gets stuck doing it for them? ME. As much as I love to sice my friends up to these women (-__-), it definitely does get played out… wit tha QUICKNESS. However, interestingly enough… I came across this website which lets men PAY for a wingwoman! To think, I have been doing this shit for free for years and I could actually be getting upwards of $300 or more per night (and by night I mean THREE whole hours) to stroke their egos and put them on with some pretty bitches! They make it clear that this is not an escort, but instead someone who helps provide “social proof” to women these men may be interested in. Woman def respond well when they get approached by another female and get introduced to a man that way, but I think this is only successful when the wingwoman knows enough about the man to be able to highlight his qualities. How well of a job can a stranger do? I guess I too would pull fantastic qualities and stories out of my ass if I was set to make $100 an hour. Shiiiiit. Kind of funny…Australiamay be on to something with this one.


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