Do Displays of Affection on Social Media Reflect a Happy Relationship? Thoughts?

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Sometimes I see couples tweet each other or photos of themselves and I think it’s cute. Other times…not so much. I was sent this little article today and I found it interesting because I am in a position where I feel I can freely comment on this topic and my stance on over-displaying your relationship on social media is that you shouldn’t do it.

I would love to tell everyone everything about my man and our wonderful relationship, but what good would that do? Half the people following me on twitter or friending me on facebook don’t wanna see that shit, not to mention the other half of them are just nosey and would over-analyze the shit out of my relationship. Y’all can have all that.

I feel that a lot of times people excessively post about their relationship in hopes of bragging to others about their joy. If you are truly happy than people will get hip, there’s no need for you to try and rub it in their faces; a lot of times that looks as though you really aren’t happy and that this is all a front. No one needs to know all of the intimate details of your relationship… it is after all… YOUR relationship….

This little article sums it up pretty well:

 Twitter users have often said that it’s not official ’til you mention your partner on the trendy worldwide chatroom, while others have indicated that making your beau another tagged individual in your F-Book profile photo is a sign of commitment bliss. In reality, letting your friends and followers know every detail diminishes the privacy that often strengthens the intimacy. It then becomes a public caucus and makes the relationship more than just a two-party affair.

If you’re a moderate poster child on all social platforms, then the occasional web display of public affection is welcome. Bombarding your spectators and stalkers with your boo only creates a loss of online identity and dignity of oneself. Tweeting the occasional inside joke with your beau or referring to them by a secret name that doesn’t bring feelings of nausea are fair game.


How do y’all feel about PDA over social media?


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