Do “Bad Girls” Really Exist?

Posted Mar 16, 2010 by Freshhh in All Articles

So, I must admit… I was not exactly a fan of the show Bad Girls Club at first…. UNTIL everyone I know started saying I reminded them of one of the girls on the show, this chick named Natalie (even as much as calling us TWINS….and No, we do not look alike). Once I started watching the show I was in shock because our mannerisms are extremely similar and I have to give the girl credit because she speaks her mind and keeps it A HUNDRED with those bitches…and Im all about that…although I am less of a bitch/not particularly a fighter. But I wonder if these girls are really this BAD?! I mean…at the end of the day, I think the fighting and spitting on each other is a little extreme and immature..but I do enjoy the entertainment! And it kills me that these bitches are now “famous”…seriously? Making money on appearances from this ish?! WOW….must be nice…but hey…GIT IT GIRLS! I’d do it too.

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