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The downfall to having these “light” and open relationships (see previous post) is the fact that there will always be issues that arise when someone catches feelings.

Let me start off by saying that the guy I am about to talk about is (well, perhaps at this point, WAS) my favorite. I probably talk to him the most and prefer him to anyone else. When we began talking, there was a mutually agreed upon understanding that we’d both talk to other people and when we were together, we would be together. Plain and simple.  As an athlete, I assume (as most do) that he probably has several boos (although I never cared because it is none of my business). This never concerned me because it makes me feel like I can have numerous boos as well, if I so choose. However, as time went on, I began realizing that he would get mad or annoyed at the idea of me having someone else (whether or not I did wasn’t the issue). Reading BBM statuses or tweets and wondering who I was writing them to when really I just had a song on and liked one of the lines and decided to quote it. I don’t understand how people can take these things so seriously; they are so inconsequential.

Anyway, after what I thought was us moving on from these stupid games, things were great. We were both on a whole different level. He was even the only guy I was digging at the moment and I for a second started to take this whole thing seriously. Until….he fucked up.

This past weekend I was in Miami with my best friend enjoying our birthdays.  Homie sends me a message (after a few days of not speaking; I refused to hit him up since I am always the one to initiate shit) and it said “Hey. Have fun in Miami. Send me some sexy pics.” Well, first off let me say that I HATE it when guys ask for pictures.  If I feel like sending you a pic, you’ll get a pic. Don’t ask. Second, I was slightly annoyed that when he finally hit me up after those few days it’s essentially to ask for pics. SO of course my response was something like “how come every guy that knows I’m in Miami asks for pics?!” Now mind you, “guys” in this context wasn’t guys that I am talking to, but more like male friends, twitter followers, co-workers, etc. He proceeds to hit me with:

“Well maybe because you are fucking all of us and treat us all the same.  If you send pics to everyone, then everyone is going to ask for them.”

EXCUSE ME?!?! Are you fucking joking me right now?! “FUCKING ALL OF US”?! What is that?! What an asshole. Once again, this worried about other guys shit comes up. Then of course I didn’t even want to talk to him so I proceeded to delete him from BBM and go on enjoying my day at the beach. I later wrote him an email explaining to him that he definitely read that wrong and jumped to conclusions. On top of that, what he said was hurtful and made me out to be some piece of trash female that I am not. Needless to say he responded that I am the one that says shit like that and make myself come off like I’m talking to all these men. How rude. Especially when he knows that’s not how I roll.

So why did he do this? I am kind of bummed because I think I finally realized that this is not going to work with him and he probably wont change (if we were ever to get to the point where we’d wanna take it a step further). But it upset me to hear him say that to me. That comment was disrespectful and rude and he purposely tried to go so hard at me in hopes of teaching me a lesson, or so I assume. Well, lesson learned. I’m done with all of that mess. I think his jealousy finally exposed the fact that he was perhaps starting to develop some feeling for me when he didn’t want to. Well, note to men: If you like a female, just like her. Tell her you do, and move on. Playing games and trying to NOT like her on purpose is a waste of time and will ruin the good you already have. If he would have just let his guard down and let shit rock, we def could have developed something. *shrug* oh well.

Sad to see this one go, but….HOMIE DON’T PLAY DAT.

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