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Posted Sep 10, 2010 by Freshhh in All Articles
It’s official. I’m giving up sex until further notice. Everyone, new prospects included, ain’t getting a piece of me until I decide otherwise…aka until they STEP THEIR GAME UP! This shit is really starting to get depressing, and I refuse to do it anymore (no point in continuing to have bad sex, even if you really like someone, especially when you can pick up a toy and get all your frustrations out with that). All physicality aside, I swear men don’t fully understand how the game works nowadays. It is ok for you to simply want a physical relationship with a female but if that’s all it is, you have to make it worth it for her. If the sex is TERRIBLE and you don’t want a relationship (or in most cases, have NO personality to pick up the slack) why the hell would she want to fuck you, let alone be around you at all?! If you don’t do it right, Imma just be forced to take myself elsewhere. More importantly, do not always assume that you are in control of everything. Just because you think you have the lead, doesn’t mean that is the case.  If you think about it, that’s exactly where females want you to be. Believe it or not, I RUN THIS and trust me, you aint the only one….you’ll never be the only one. It is always wise to just know your role, perform well at it, stay on the roster, and avoid getting played.

I recently took a trip out of town to see what was happening with this new prospect. I can’t deny that he really isn’t my type, but fuck it… it was a reason to get out of town and hopefully be proved wrong. When I arrived there, it was definitely NOT what I was used to. Some of these younger guys need to learn what to do when a lady comes to visit you (I guess I have been so spoiled by other boos that I was bummed in this situation). Needless to say, I was left with egg on my face and wishing I had made alternate arrangements to go someplace else and visit one of my favorites. This was definitely the last time I route for the underdog.

Of course, you know me…feeling no sparks or chemistry with boo #1, I decided to pull out the big guns. I remembered there was another little love interest I was feeling that lived in the same area, so I decided to hit him up to “catch –up”. Well, let’s just say that even that wasn’t what I remembered/thought it’d be either but it was def a good afternoon of chillin and exactly what I needed before I high-tailed it outta there and to the airport to make my flight.

As boo #2 dropped me off at boo #1’s, I was greeted by his boys, all twisting up a little loud, and that was perfect. I couldn’t think of a better activity to participate in before my flight. After we had all sparked up, all three of us hopped into the Range and headed for the airport. We ended up dropping the two friends off en route and that left me and boo #1 to chit chat a bit. I realized that he probably didn’t know about my visit to boo #2, and even if he did (which I HIGHLY doubt), he was calm about it because I guess he realized that we just weren’t meant to kick it like that; straight homie status for sure. I then realized that the main reason things didn’t work out is because I’m just a little too “advanced” for him… not speaking only physically, but mentally and emotionally. I think he just really isn’t at the point where he truly comprehends what’s happening or how to deal with it. I feel like my personality would corrupt him over time and I would never want that. I realized my maternal love for him and his sweet soul was attempting to convert into a boo status and that wasn’t smart. I was watching his mannerisms and hearing what he was saying and felt like he must be one of the last genuine people I know. I started to feel bad for hollering at boo #2, but at the end of the day, that’s how the game works. You can’t really be mad; I am playing the same game you probably are, only better.

I enjoyed getting a glimpse into his world for a few days and realized that my judgment of him hadn’t really changed; instead, I just knew what lane he belonged in. As comforting as this was, it was still disappointing. I cannot believe I had bamboozled myself into this situation. I should have known better and, more importantly, I have to be very careful of boo decepticons in the future. I’m out here looking for the real thing, can’t be distracted by these cute faces everywhere.

And so begins my self-induced dry spell….I wonder how long I can go?! I think the only thing that can end it will have to be a LEGITIMATE interest in someone NEW…I don’t even wanna think about fucking or dating a single repeat ever again… well, except for one (and there’s a good reason for that, so fuck your judgment—-just know that he lives far which is the only reason I am allowing him as my only exception).

So, bring it on you damn decepticons! You are no match for me! I will not succumb to the temptation; I’m on a mutha fuckin mission outchea!

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