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Posted Jul 12, 2010 by Freshhh in All Articles
WHAT A WEEKEND!!! Got to go home and see my mom (a long time overdue—-about 2 months), finally got my new tattoo (see the previous post), and went skydiving (pix and video coming later this week!)! Everything was wonderful and I am in such a great mental state of mind going into what will be a hectic week for me (hectic but prosperous to say the least).

Jumping out of that plane yesterday was incredible. I didn’t think I would ever do that, but am so glad I did (and glad I paid the extra $100 for the DVD and pics of the process)!! The whole experience took less than 10 minutes, but was worth every penny.  I was literally flying (with an instructor’s dick in my back lol) and it was CRAZY!!! I’m invincible!

The weekend ended on an even more positive note, wonderful sex. Can never go wrong there, and let me tell you….this one sure knows how to do it. Although these encounters with him seem to come few and far between, its one of those things that is worth the wait. All joking aside, sex is so much better with someone you are actually cool with (in addition to all the physical)….it makes me just want to be close to him and just let him consume me. Simply put, it just feels real nice. But of course with every positive, there’s a negative LOL….I face a dilemma (as per the usual)….

Who wins the battle between A) great sex and B) decent sex with boyfriend potential?  I think at this stage I have to chose, and I am VERYYYY indecisive.  Lately, I have been feeling like I am ready to mayyyyyybe take a little step in the direction towards monogamy (given the right person, and the right pace, of course), but until that person comes, I’ll enjoy the friends with bennies idea …its good to have dick on deck! HOWEVER, as a female, I don’t want to be sleeping with a whole bunch (welllll, more like 2-3) of men at the same time; it’s not appealing, clean, and I would rather focus my efforts and attention on developing an actual relationship/friendship/whatever with just one. But there comes the issue of having to cut off incredible sex because it just isn’t enough anymore….and that’s what I am afraid of.  I have recently met someone that I do like….or at least would be willing to give it a shot with, but I am skeptical about how the sex will be. This “fright”, if you will, is enhanced because I do NOT want to find myself in another situation where I like the man as a whole, but the sex isn’t good! THAT’S THE WORST because as much as I am a personality lover, if the sex isn’t there, it won’t work…we all KNOW that’s the case.  SO NOW WHAT!? Stop the great sex? Continue it until I find a guy that is dateable and gives off vibes that his sex is great (which I always think I find….until the sex is bad and I waste my time and a number on my sexual roster…)? I mean, what are the options?! If only there was a way to make the great sex wifeable…but that’s not even an option…it never works….those guys fall under one of the cardinal rules us females have to abide by…they are meant to be shared with the world…  Afterall, even this one…I knew how good he was before I even had him…and now I want to be selfish and just kidnap him and keep him all to myself, but I cant… and it sucks because he happens to have personality too!  But as I digress…we will see… at this point, I’m just taking it as it comes… one day at a time…cause you neverrrrrrr know…

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