Cheating Ain’t Hard… But Some Still Need Assistance…

Posted Nov 9, 2011 by Freshhh in All Articles

Today my bestfriend gchatted the above picture to me; It is a back newspaper ad for a company called Ashley Madison.

After reading the little blurb that came along with it, I clicked on one of those “related articles” links…you know, those links that somehow start the never-ending web-surfing you seem to get caught up in at work day-in and day-out…Anyway, the article that I read explains why sites like Ashley Madison can be beneficial for a relationship.

For those of you who don’t know, Ashley Madison is a site intended to connect two people who are currently married (not to each other) and looking to have an affair.  This article was meant to be a follow-up to a published guide to the sites that help married people pursue affairs; of course, readers felt the author was undermining the institution of marriage. Even though I hate the fact that people’s opinions (whether it be in sports, entertainment, or journalism) have to be FURTHER EXPLAINED in a “follow-up” article, interview, etc., I do feel this article is interesting and pretty accurate.

Once you stop screaming in opposition to these types of sites, slim back your attitude and take a second to REALLY think about this. What’s the hardest part about cheating (aside from trying to avoid being caught)? DEALING WITH YOUR SPOUSE AFTER THEY FIND OUT. That shit is so dramatic and you find yourself saying either “I shouldn’t have done it because this drama ain’t worth it” or “This is EXACTLY why I did it”.  Now, if you are married and cheat with someone who is single, they don’t have much to lose. On top of that, the odds of that person attempting to be with you (and doing whatever they can to get you) are pretty high. This includes the potential for intentional relationship sabotage.

Now if you’re cheating with someone else who is also married, they are less likely to fall in love or expect more from you than you are willing to give them since they are in the same boat as you. They are also less likely to call your spouse and snitch on yo cheatin’ ass! Discretion is key in these situations and you’re more likely to get that, in addition to convenience, if you partake in the services of one of these websites.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone cheating (I’m more apt to partake in an “open relationship” instead) EVER! But you have to admit that cheating DOES happen…and more often than we’d like to think. It’s a fact that many marriages do not turn out like we would like or expect; for many, having an affair on the side is the one thing that can relive some of the stress and keep the couple together…and relatively happy. So is it worth a shot? Are YOU willing to do anything to save your marriage? Even if it means cheating?

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