Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Seed Eater…

Posted Nov 8, 2010 by Freshhh in All Articles
What a delightful topic. Cheating. My best friend and I were having dinner the other night and the discussion turned to cheating. I began to think about myself and my stance on this and I have concluded that not only do I despise it, but when it comes to relationships, I think I’d be the one to want to cheat…..How ironic. Let me explain…

Why do I despise cheating? Well, to be honest, I think it’s just shady and goes against my personal mantra of “keep it 100”. Cheating, no matter the reason, always starts off as one simple action and ends up snowballing into a whole bunch of bullshit and drama. Who needs it? I am also personally offended and uncomfortable by men who find nothing wrong with asking me to hook-up or go out with them when I KNOW they have a girlfriend or even a WIFE. Even if we were just going to hook-up, why would I want to be a part of something that could turn dangerous (yes, dangerous; some of you niggas have girlfriends that are looney tunes outchea and I’m not risking my safety for some sub-par dick). Anyway, I always stop and try to pick my jaw up off the floor when I get these types of invitations. Honestly, what would your girl say if she knew you were actively seeking my attention (and probably that of countless others) on a date or in the bedroom? Not only that, but how in any way would that turn me on. Clearly your priorities are not in order and I’m supposed to swoon? Nah, sir. That to me shows what type of man you are and I refuse to fuel the fire.

Now as for ME cheating, here’s my thinking… Have I cheated or would I ever cheat? NO. If I am in a relationship with someone and things are to a point where I am looking elsewhere, then I am just going to break up with you. If things get there, then why would I lead you on and have to deal with you if you aren’t what I want (mentally, physically, spiritually, etc.)? To me, that seems kind of pointless and miserable, and my time can be better spent. However, my bestie and I were laughing because if it came down to it, in a relationship I’d probably be the one most likely to want to cheat/ want a change. I think the fact that I get tired of routine very quickly is the reason why I have not settled down with anyone yet. It takes a combination of things (and the right amount of each) to keep me interested and focused on the same person, especially for a long period of time. And I think I provide a pretty good variety of characteristics that men like (or at least decide they want to know more about) and it causes them to not focus attention on other women.  Of course, this can turn into lop-sided infatuation, where they become more interested in me than I am with them. Hence my dilemma.

I suppose the point of this is two-fold: stop cheating and stop forcing yourselves to remain in unsatisfying relationships.  If you take extra precautions before getting involved with someone then you can better evaluate them and their situation and choose wisely if you want to get involved. If you were once in a great relationship and things went sour, then get out of it. There is no relationship worth staying in if you are not happy, regardless of the number of children or years spent together. And if your partner cheats, face it…they will either do it again or, if they don’t, you will spend the rest of your life worrying they will. Save yourself the trouble.

And as a note to men: I do not care WHO you are, DO NOT ask me to “chill”, go out on a date, or fuck if it is common knowledge that you have a girlfriend or wife. I will not only decline your offer, but I will file you away in a category of men that I would not only never trust (or fuck), but as someone with weak character; things like this say a lot about you and women never forget those mental notes. I will NEVER be the “other woman” because it is not good karma and it taints my character almost as much as it does yours. So, take that bullshit someplace else. No one ever RESPECTS the other woman. No one.

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