Casual Sex Turned Sex Casualty.

Posted Oct 5, 2010 by Freshhh in All Articles
So I made an executive decision to forgo my sex sabbatical (for the time being) to partake in what I thought might be a good time with someone new. I have known this guy (mostly as a client) for a little while now, but recently have we been chatting it up and my curiosity has peaked. I decided that since there are no current boos in the mix (oh, the HORROR!) that I would take this opportunity to see what he was working with.

I had to take a day trip to New York City for something and was supposed to return home, shower, throw some comfy clothes on and make my way to go see homie to chill and watch the game. Let me be honest: I was really just trying to go over there, watch the game, get my fix, and head home. Anyway, when I arrived (after thinking I was lost in his community which is all traffic circles and shit), all I wanted to go was hop in the big comfy bed and check out a little of the game and then be ravished by his fine ass.

Boy was I wrong. As we lay there, I realized that I was engaged in the game (I hate the Dolphins…and they were losing, so I was somewhat amped) and he was engaged with his Blackberry. No biggie, we talking and chillin and watching the game. Then, the entire third quarter passed by and I realized he hadn’t taken his eyes off of his phone the entire time I had been there. What the fuck is happening on bbm and twitter that has this motha fucka so intrigued?!?! I tried to jokingly be cute and drop hints like “ok, let’s focus here” and “boy, your thumbs must be hurting with ALL THAT TYPING”, but he is obviously an idiot and did not pick up the hint. I then thought to myself “this nigga really layin here right now in a huge bed with a sexy ass female in her skivvies and he ain’t even tryna make no moves?!”… AINT THIS SOME BULLSHIT!!!

By the middle of the fourth quarter, I officially threw in the towel. I decided to text and bbm and make my own fucking phone calls. Clearly this romp session isn’t happening any time soon, so fuck it… Imma just watch this game and text like I would normally do if I was home, I’m not even offended at this point.  Once the game was over, I was bored and DEMANDED that it was time. I had been so gassed up to get over here and get it on (Horny ass, I know…but its been TOO long) and this LONG ASS WAIT made me feel like I was at the DMV waiting to pay my fucking parking tickets. BUZZKILL!

So, of course, it finally did happen. And ya know what, it was preeeeeetty damn good!! Now mind you, if it would have been terrible, I would have been up in there, but the fact that that shit was ON POINT, I can be mad, just not AS mad. It was def the little fix I needed, however, I did decline a round 2 AM sesh because he, after all, WAS extremely rude the night before and as good as the sex was, I didn’t appreciate having to wait in holding while he attends to some twitter beef. #notcute

Anyway, the moral of the story is phone etiquette is very important. Please prioritize your phone conversations and your sex lives accordingly. Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good the sex is, when you’re rude, we don’t come back for more. I guess, for me, it wasn’t a total wash. I WAS able to watch the game in peace, get my D, and still be asleep before 1 am. All in all a success by my standards.

Welp, back to my sabbatical…I will be good this time… Its cuff season…time to recruit.

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