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Posted Jan 19, 2011 by Freshhh in All Articles
I think we all, as a society, need to sit down and hold a forum on certain types of sex protocol. These niggas out here have been blowing me lately…particularly with one thing: the idea of carte blanche.  For those of you unfamiliar with this term, it’s basically the idea of a blank check…getting… or in this case, TAKING whatever you feel you are entitled to.  In the sex arena, I find many of the men I come into contact with feel like they own the rights to this privilege. Let me explain…

If we are not formally dating, aka just fucking, then you are not entitled to anything more than what I feel you deserve. Many men I have slept with clearly sice themselves. I cannot understand how us sleeping together ONE time gives you the idea that now every time I see you or you’re in the mood means you’re going to get your fix from me. I have seen guys get aggravated with me because they hit me up after the initial rendezvous and expect that we are going to fuck for a second time. Well, hold your horses boy… who gave yo ass a blank check?! I know I sure as hell didn’t…and let me tell you why…

Nine times out of ten I probably already knew I wasn’t interested in you, but with desires needing to be fulfilled and you looking good, I used you. And most of the time after it’s done, I’m over it…and you. Most of these men can’t fuck worth a dime, let’s just be honest. And although it was fun while it lasted, there’s no future…in other words… we ain’t ever fuckin again…EVER. But I find that after our encounter is over and ample time has passed I see these guys again and they try to flirt and hit me with the “what you doin later” shit. Ummmm, I ain’t doin nothing later. I’m going home and going to bed. For some reason this response makes them mad. Why you mad though? You mad cause I’m not trying to fuck again? Which of course they pass off as me “playing games” or “being scared”. Trust me, I’m not playing games. I don’t pretend to be interested and say we gonna chill then we don’t. I keep it a hundred and let you know I’m going home and going to fucking bed. But, yet IM the one buggin?! I don’t understand.

These men kill me with their egos. The idea of them having carte blanche really makes me laugh. Who do they think they are? And not only that, but who EVER praised their dick THAT much for them to believe someone would want to fuck them for a second time? How does me declining their advances makes the problem lie within me…I don’t think so buddy…that’s not how it works. Maybe if you stepped your game up and really knew how to lay it down, there would be a round 2.

Problem is they attract plenty of other women who are fucking them regardless. These women don’t really care that the sex is bad, or even worse, some haven’t had good dick to compare it to….they THINK they’re fucking the real thing. Damn shame. We need to work on this because I’m tired of men just assuming they got it like that…you know what they say… assuming always makes an ass out of you…..and YOU. Ha.

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