…But You’re Engaged Now? Oh Ok.

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I repeat. Men KILL me. Sooooo…  a hearty congrats goes out to the newly engaged (although, I think he and her have been engaged on previous occasions…but I digress…) couple consisting of one cheating ass boyfriend and his equally stupid baby mama. *SLOW CLAP* Please excuse my sarcasm, but just last week this man was hitting up one of my friends (amongst other’s I am sure) in attempts to get her to come and visit him in another city. This is also the same man that on a daily basis initiates conversation with her while making sure to attach a good morning picture of himself in the process… yet today? Engaged. Oh Ok.

Lemme explain…Ok… so there’s this guy (who just so happens to be an athlete) my girl has been in touch with for some time now. She has never been pressed to sleep with him because it’s already public knowledge that she wouldn’t be the only one. However, despite every woman knowing he’s a womanizer, he still hits her up daily, sends pictures of himself (you know, the fruity kind that if his boys saw they would laugh), and tries to talk her into coming to visit on a regular basis. Clearly she knows she’s not the only one receiving these pictures and she knows she would never date him, but why not entertain it? Afterall, it IS kind of funny that this man is so full of himself and needs the validation from talking to all of these women…ANNNND the pictures are sooooo cornyyyyy (of course I’ve seen them, how could my girl not share that ridiculousness)!!!

Anyway. On those occasions that he has asked her to visit him, he expected her to not only rearrange her schedule to whenever was convenient for him, but he also indicated that she should be paying for her own ticket (plane, train, gas for her car, etc). Yea ok fool. Ain’t no one buying their own ticket. If you want me, you better send for me! First sign of whackness. One of these instances happened this past weekend… he wanted her to meet him at the beach (a 4+ hour drive, mind you). My girl isn’t stupid enough to go out of her way for any man, so she politely declined his offer… on FRIDAY. Come MONDAY he is sending her the “I have a girl, we can’t talk anymore, don’t hit me up” text.

Wait… WHAT?! Ok. At first, we just thought maybe he decided to take the next step with one of the many girls he’s schmoozing with…until today when we peep that he’s engaged to his baby mama out of the fucking blue. Like how were you just hitting other girls up a couple of days ago, when clearly baby mama was already in the picture, but NOW all of a sudden you’re “committed” to her and are about to start a life-long journey with her? Oh Ok.

Glad no one was sweatin that fool enough to have given him the panties. The fact that he would now feel like it was necessary to save face with society by marrying the mother of his child when he clearly has been focusing his efforts elsewhere on some other chicks pussy for the past lord-knows-how-long is HILARIOUS to me. Nigga, who you fooling? Everyone damn near laughed their ass off when they saw that picture, probably because they too have been privied to his indiscretions over the years. I mean, yea I guess we are all happy for you, but how stupid is this chick you’re marrying? I can’t even imagine trying to hype my engagement when my fiancé just had to send a fucking mass blast text out to silence other chicks from ruining the moment… which I am assuming occurred after he had non-baby-mama company at the beach over the weekend? Oh ok.

I’m done. Done with all those games and foolishness. Glad my girl never gave it up to him cause that saves her the embarrassment of being associated with this loser, but I can’t help but laugh at the fact that these men really think they are getting away with something. Like a mass text and an instagrammed “engagement photo” are really gonna stop the drama (not only amongst the side chicks but also whatever drama kept you and baby moms from marrying a year ago) and be the beginning to your happy ending?

Silly nigga, tricks are for kids…

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    That seemed like the generic text men send when they get caught….He’ll be back give it a few weeks

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