…But You’re Engaged Now? Oh Ok. (Part 2)

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Ok. So some of you may remember (and if you don’t, ya should of just read the link above) my friend who was talking to this guy when all of a sudden he got engaged… in a matter of days. Well that wasn’t too long ago, and already this fool has come out of the woodwork, via facebook nonetheless, to attempt to get back in touch with her, talkin about “text me so I have your number again”. Ummmm… EXCUSE ME??

What I don’t understand is how one minute he can send a “delete my number, I’m in a relationship” text then less than a month later he’s hitting her up via facebook tryna convince her how much he wants to see her. Mind you, they have never fucked, he’s flaked on her several other times… AND he’s STILL ENGAGED.

I laughed when she told me because I think the whole “delete my number” text was sent out to all the females with his number so that they wouldn’t disrupt the happy engagement moment he was having with his baby mama. But funny how once the dust settled on that engagement, he is right back in the mix running his old game.

For him to think my girl would still be any type of interested is hilarious. Not only does she not wanna be the other woman, she can’t get over how ridiculous he is to think that she is dumb enough to play along with all of this and still give him the goodies. Lawd knows what would happen if his woman found out… who wants to deal with that wrath?

Anyway, the moral of the story is… MEN STOP BEING STUPID! If you find yourself in this situation (you know, the one where you are publically in a relationship yet privately longing for other women) go ahead and find yourself some random chick to satisfy your craving and leave your past alone. If not, you may find yourself toying around with the wrong ex-boo; you never know what a woman will do when she feels disrespected, including going back to your fiancé and letting her know just what her man is up to behind her back. Don’t want the drama? Yea. Neither do we.

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