Boy, Stop.

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So Friday night was interesting, to say the least. After being out of town for Thanksgiving and my trip toAmsterdam (blog post coming soon, I swearrrrr), I decided Friday would be the perfect time to hit the streets and get it in. Of course, there’s only one legit place to be Fridays in DC and we were in thereeeee. My favorite Mandingo had a table, as per his usual, and the whole crew definitely enjoyed themselves as the Ciroc was flowing super heavy. Mandingo’s best friend is always in town and he happens to be one of my favorite smoke buddies.  I decided to try my luck and attempt to kill two birds with one stone when I set up a post-club smoke sesh at Mandingo’s. Well… Ciroc, Mary Jane, and Molly clearly give people that extra boost of confidence because I was def not prepared for what would happen next….

Obviously, I’m a genius. I would set up a smoke date with my boy and then once I was good and lifted, I would slide on over to Mandingo’s room and let him have at it. Good plan…being I haven’t gotten dick since you-know-who like umpteen weeks ago…Tragic. Anyway…all was good. I showed up, Mandingo opened the door and went back to his drunken slumber on the couch, while homie and I went upstairs to his guestroom to smoke (we usually smoke in a closed off room, as to not have the whole house smelling like Mango Kush). My plan was working out juuuuuust fine until homie hit me with the “yo get the lights, turn the tv off, and get under the covers”…

HOL’ UP, HOL’ UP, HOL’ UP!!! Where the fuck is all THIS coming from? First off, let me say that homie and I have a GREAT friendship. Up until recently, I had been fucking his BEST FRIEND (for almost 2 years) and not only does he know that, but he knows the intricate details to our relationship; and when I saw intricate… I mean EVERYthing about it—not to mention he knows pieces of my life outside of his friend AND all of the other bitches his boy fucks. Trying to get in my panties is OFF limits to you, sir! What makes all of this even more surprising to me is the fact that he has NEVER, NOT ONCE tried some slick shit like that… which leads me to believe that maybe the night’s vices were too much for him to control, but even still…. I’m not impressed. That shit better not happen again… violation of Man Code for real.

The question is… How do I treat this violation? I was definitely caught off guard and immediately exited stage left…completely skipping out on my piece of ass from Mandingo down the hall.  Normally, I am livid in these situations, but I think I am going to grant him a pass this ONE time… and that’s ONLY because he has never come at me in a disrespectful manner… and because I know, in his sober mind, he is well aware of the fact that I wouldn’t ever cross that line with him (can’t blame his drunk ass for trying), no matter how much I love and fuck with him as a friend. Which leads me to wonder if he even remembers coming at me sideways that night… I kind of want to jokingly bring it up and see what he says (I’m sure he won’t even believe he said it/be apologetic)… but I really don’t want to even open that can of worms, especially since I don’t want him, in any way, to think those actions, liquor or not, are acceptable. They aren’t. I’m not mad though… as long as there isn’t a next time…

MORAL OF THE STORY:  Keep in mind the infamous “smash the homies” rule…. Y’all REALLY need to stop trying to fuck all the same damn people!

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