40 Days, 40 Habits You Should Break; Day #32: Bad Timing

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Bad Habit #32: Bad Timing

Life is all about timing. Whether it’s seeing a good parking space just as someone is pulling out or having just reached the stop as the bus is pulling away, we have all experienced instances when a couple of seconds has had a great effect on the outcome. While we cannot control the timing of everything, we should do our best to take advantage of the situations we can control to make time work in our favor.

Being late is probably the one area of time we could all afford to work on. How often are we knowingly running late, yet fail to pick up the pace or even realize that it may cause a problem? The truth is, being late to an event, no matter what it is, can be conveyed as rude and disrespectful to the party you are meeting. Consistent tardiness says a lot about you and how seriously you take others and the invitations they have extended towards you.

In friendships, timing is very important when it comes to addressing issues. Too frequently we see (both in real life and on reality TV) people bringing up problems at the wrong time. Whether it be in public at an event or in private while unrelated parties are present, conjuring up a hot or sensitive topic at the wrong time can be detrimental to your friendship. Involve only those who need to be involved, and select the right time to bring things up.

In relationships, timing is everything; jumping into something at the wrong time can prove fatal. If one or neither of you is ready to make a commitment to another person, you might have to take a step back and admit that the timing can be off despite it appearing to be the right situation. Once you find the proper time to get involved with someone, it is crucial to remember that important conversations should be had at the right time as well, like when both parties are free of stress. Setting up a relaxed time to talk about certain topics is vital to the livelihood of your relationship. Causing a scene or being dramatic about something during the wrong time can further exacerbate the problem or create a new one. You will find that your partner will respect you more for going about the situation in a timely and appropriate manner, and the resolution may come easier and faster than you had expected.


How To Have Perfect Timing In Life


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