Are You In A Relationship Or A Singleship?

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Ladies: A lot of you are out here blocking your blessings by remaining with the type of man who keeps you so preoccupied with the thought of a relationship, that you actually think you’re in one. You know… the kind of guy who creates  the faintest image to you that y’all are together, let’s you do all of those girlfriend-esque duties while failing to stop you and clear things up that you are not in fact his girlfriend. Not to mention the fact that, when you’re not around, he is single to every other pair of thighs and tits he comes across. While browsing the web, I cam across this blog post/article by a man named Carl A. Roberts. He is the author of a book entitled “Good Men Do Cheat”… and in this particular post, he talk about some of the signs that women are in a “singleship” with themselves versus the relationship they think  they are in with a man. Check it out:


 So I ask this question, how many of you are in a relationship? (Raise hands please. I know I can’t see you but…you can see you) Aww, this is so refreshing. Look how many of you beautiful hopeless romantic readers we have in attendance today. I love it.

Aren’t  Relationship wonderful? I mean think of all of the great attributes you receive while in one. You gain a second you. Like i pointed out in my book “Good Men do cheat” relationship are suppost to make you feel like you have another you on your side. Someone you trust, care for and is there for you the way you would be there for yourself.

But most people (woman) are not receive all of the blessing a relationship is suppose to bring. Which leads me to my next question

So what is your definition of a “relationship”? (Yeah, once again I’d like you to answer this questions in the most honest to yourself kind). Relationships to some Men are as followed. Please keep in mind that most of my statements are directly from the mind of Men and the other part comes from me….a Man

1. Someone he can count one
2. The person who he trust
3. The Woman that will take Great care of him
4. A great Wife (cook, clean, Sex) Well, thats your job as a women (from the perspective of a Man of course)
5. The best follower/ego stroker. Meaning: follow his every lead no matter what (ego) Ego is key to a Man. you have your intuition (which gets clouded by love from time to time) and we have our ego. Without the Male ego, we’ll just be cry babies (Women if you Man cries to you, his ego has been broken down!)
6. A Great mother to his kid(s)

Ok, ok so allow me to introduce this thing I call “Singleship”. Its when a Woman is in a relationship with… herself! Yes I said it, you are in a relationship with your self!

Now you do have a man that you cook for, clean for, sex when he wants it BUT…YOU ARE STILL ALONE OUTSIDE OF THE WORLD HE HAS CREATED FOR YOU!  You see men tend to create this world (lets call it Mars lol) where he will place his “girl” on just to keep her save and sound from all of the evils in the world! Haha, his evil! This world becomes something that you get comfortable in. You begin to believe that this is normal and where you should be. What a great Man you have. SINGLESHIP

Let’s go into it deeper. Can I give you a few examples of “singleship”? Hold on now, because you may catch feelings behind this! You may descove that you are no longer apart of normal  society. This may cause you to over react. You may experience lack of brain function. Unable to breath on your own….Death….of character of course. Please, read with caustion. Take deep slow breaths and try not to blink so fast

1. You cook…alone: Singleship
2. Watch movies alone after he said he’ll be there: Singleship
3. Spend most of your time talking to him thru social networks/text/email: Singleship
4. See him 2 or less times out of the week because of his “job”: Singleship
5. Wash clothes of his that you have NEVER seen him in…..(OMG) Singleship
6. Walk down the block with him NOT holding your hand: Singleship
7. STILL Meeting NEW friends of his that has been in his LIFE for YEARS….Singleship
8. Still being introduced as “hey, this is my “girl” _______” Really? after a year and a halfe: SINGLESHIP
9. His Mom still ask you your name: Singleship
10. You have NEVER been to his place: Singleship
11. You still asking him the status of your relationship after a year: Singleship

Damn it, most of you Women n a ralationship are dating yourselves. The list goes on and on and on and on and…ok let me stop. But if you feel “single” while in your relationship there’s a BIG chance that you are! SINGLESHIP…..Could that be you?

Men love to keep Women in this world!!

Carl A Roberts
Author of: Good Men Do Cheat


Any of the aforementioned things sound familiar? Then girl you need to ditch that fool and start doing them good things for yourself… since you aren’t obligated to do them for him and he is most likely unappreciative anyway.


Spotted over at Good Men Do Cheat

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