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Well…after much planning and anticipation, it has finally arrived… ALL-STAR WEEKEND…and in Los Angeles of all places. There’s no question that this weekend in LA is going to be pandemonium. From the party flyers alone, one can tell that almost every big name celebrity will be in town, not to mention some of your favorite NBA and NFL ballers. If you have been paying attention to the blogs, you would have noticed that there is also so much scrutiny surrounding such a big weekend, particularly on the topic of groupies.

All-Star weekend is always chuck fill of groupies for all of the obvious reasons: hot athletes with plenty money (*Plies voice*). Of course the idea of groupies (usually thought of as basic, ghetto, and extremely easy) traveling to all-star weekend seems like an oxymoron since most of them are broke (i.e. spending their entire savings/tax return/child support check to attend) and usually end up sharing ONE hotel room with 5+ other friends. But nonetheless, the goal is always the same….to snag a baller.

Now…my problem with this weekend isn’t necessarily with the female (and male!) groupies, but with the all-stars themselves. So aside from the all-stars actually selected to participate in the weekend’s activities, many non all-star NBA players take advantage of their break and come to partake in the festivities along with those off-season NFL players and plenty of other artists and entertainers. These men come from all over to, essentially, just party and bullshit for a long weekend in hopes of getting laid (isn’t that always the goal?).

Many of the athletes I know who will be attending weekend complain, complain, COMPLAIN about how all-star brings the groupies out yadda yadda yadda…HOWEVER, when these groupies try to fuck with them over the weekend, there are no refusals. I cannot understand how you can complain about these “hoes” to the point of actual exhaustion yet be thrilled to see them once you have arrived in LA. Granted, most of the females on the scene at all-star weekend are just looking for a come-up and not just a simple evening rendezvous, but the fact that these men know exactly what the women want and STILL fall for it makes me laugh (kind of like when celebs talked a lot of shit on Kat Stacks then are all of a sudden reportedly linked to her—way to go). My question is: WHATS THE POINT?!

Of course it doesn’t matter that these men are just looking to hook-up….that’s usually the case in these situations, and there ain’t NOTHING wrong with that. I just don’t understand how they can complain about these types of women and then voluntarily elect to go to such a weekend where they know they will be SURROUNDED by them…WHY ARE YOU COMPLAINING and talking so bad about these women?! We ALL know the point and we aren’t falling for the “I don’t fuck with groupies” speech. Save that shit for someone else because repeating it over and over again only makes you look stupid since you end up going against your word in the first place. None of these men are looking for a girlfriend nor are they trying to fuck someone independent with their own shit going on (because then they might have to actually extend the relationship passed the one night stand phase and that can be too complicated for their basic asses or simply undesired at the moment), so why don’t we all agree to disagree. LETS JUST KEEP IT 100!!!

Anyway. Just my thoughts. I will not be attending all-star weekend this year because it always proves to be just TOO much going on. I find that regular females tend to get lost in the sea of bullshit and hookups and it ends up just being a complete waste of money and potential failure for my liver. More power to those that did attend and I hope everyone gets what they came for…whatever THAT may be.

And to all the self-proclaimed groupies out there in LA for the weekend: Have fun… y’all always win over them fools in the end anyway, I ain’t mad atcha… git that, git that, GIT THAT…

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