A Good ‘Ol Pick-Me-Up…

Posted Aug 29, 2011 by Freshhh in All Articles
As wonderful as I know I am, I can’t help but have those moments when I feel down and simply un-sought after. Resolution to this problem? Holla at my pick-me-up. We all have one (or maybe a couple) of those… you know, the person you can hit up and momentarily take advantage of for a slight ego boost and a guaranteed smile on your face. As unfair as this seems, everyone serves a purpose and sometimes that guy/girl you know you wouldn’t ever date or be romantically involved with (or involved with AGAIN) can provide that comfort and self-esteem you need.

Shallow compliments (that we all adore) and genuine affection are really nice to have, especially when you aren’t at your best. I’m always so well-received by my favorite pick-me-up and he does a great job of gassing me up….until I’m feeling siced to death and completely over any and all interaction with him; which coincidently happens as he begins to forget his role and me with the “I don’t know what ever happened to us” type bullshit. With the quickness, he gets the MUSH. Not like I don’t appreciate him, I do. The pick-me-up is usually a person that you have mad love for, even though it’s best you stay in your respective lanes.

I never have a problem seeking affection from my pick-me-up UNTIL I realize that there are times when I am, in fact, someone else’s pick-me-up. What an AWFUL feeling. Usually because you realize this person will only hit you up for an ego boost and, nine times out of ten, it’s a person you actually DO like and would like to maybe take it a step further with. What kind of bullshit is this?! I don’t wanna be used. I just want to use…occasionally.

The realization that I fill that void for someone is slightly nauseating. Having someone only take an interest in you only when it works for them is WHACK. Ok, there’s a soft spot in their heart for me (naturally), but I don’t want to be the one to kiss your ass every now and again. But, as is with most things in life, this is the price we pay to have pick-me-ups of our own. I guess you can’t complain when you’re on the opposite end committing the same exact crime. That would be hypocritical of me, huh?

Well, shout-out to my pick-me-up! I do love you boo, and even though it wouldn’t ever work out, your presence is felt and truly cherished… and if I can ever give you a boost, you let me know… you deserve it, you’ve gotten me through some pretty hard days!

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