A Changing of the Guard: How RG3 is transforming DC’s Sporting Landscape

Posted Dec 31, 2012 by Will in #KeepItAHundred

As the DMV wakes up on December 31st, 2012, they feel something they have haven’t felt in quite some time.  The feeling of being the best team in the NFC East.  A title, at least in my memory, has been something of a mythical achievement.  In a season where the DMV sports landscape has been turned completely on its axis, we take a look at some of the cultural impacts that the Redskin’s winning has done to the area.  Both positive and negative.

Positives.  REDSKINS WON!!! As a native of the DMV area, how can one not like the fact that the Redskins won?  People are happier, business have specials and discounts and oft-times, complete strangers.  The area has an energy about it that it hasn’t had in years.  For a city with only one decent team in the Capitals, people oft forget the tough times DC sports had as a whole.  The Nationals use to be a laughing-stock, the Wizards are a laughing-stock, the Redskins were the whipping boy of the NFC East and the Orioles were the American League version of the Nationals.  With the Nationals turning it around, the energy flowed directly from the summer into the winter.  Winning has transformed  this city into the pride it once held back in the 70’s and 80’s.  People are no longer ashamed to wear Redskins gear.  People are no longer fear the Dallas game, we encourage it!  We WANT to see the Redskins play.  It would be easy to say RG3 is the entire reason for the success but really, the success started 2 years ago when we hired Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan.  Turning the ship around was the first thing on our list.  to get where we wanted, we had to start heading in the right direction.  The Redskins progress may be ahead of schedule but no where is it unexpected.  Teams aren’t meant to be bad forever as I constantly tried to remind those who ridiculed the Redskins.  Teams of the past such as: Seattle, New Orleans, Houston and even the Lions were once the laughing-stock of the NFL.  Hell, the Broncos were barely a playoff team last year, and now have the #1 seed.  All in all, the Redskins winning has given a glimmer of hope that not only are the Skins headed in the right direction but, are in a position to compete with the leagues best for years to come.

Negatives:  We see negatives come with positives constantly and this is no different.  It’s hard to believe that people in the DMV HATE the Redskins.  It’s quite alright to root for another team but to HATE the home team is preposterous.  I ask all those Cowboys and Eagles fans who live in the DMV, what has your team done for our area? Does Mike Vick pass out toys in the District? Does Tony Romo attend a coat drive in SE? Does Eli Manning take time out of his day to go visit kids in a DC elementary school?  So I can understand you rooting for another team but the idea that you hate the home team is unsupported.  Redskins players regularly attend elementary schools, support coat drives, they do toy drives, they feed the homeless and have numerous scholarship foundations for kids in 3 STATES (DC Maryland and Virginia) Name another team that does that for its fan base.  Then you have the delusional fans who say the Redskins are fluke or we didn’t earn it are the fans i enjoy beating the most.  Those fans who refuse to believe your team works just as hard if not harder than their’s.  Alas, the fact I have to a negative section about the Redskins winning is a sham in  itself.

Redskins don’t want any new fans.  We don’t want win over any Dallas fans or Eagles fans or even Giants fans.  all we want is respect.  Respect in our division, respect in the NFL.  Know you can’t just walk into FedEx and get a win.  Know that when we come to you, it’s not going to be an easy game.  You can’t look past us. Hell I even prefer you circle us on your schedule because the Redskins are coming, and don’t say you didn’t see it coming.

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