8 Reasons Why Women Put Up With A Man’s Bullshit

Posted Jun 29, 2012 by Freshhh in Dating

Whether I am analyzing the relationships my friends and I have with men or those I see on tv and in the movies, I have come to the conclusion that women put up with a lot of shit from men. In fact, too much shit from men.  Ranging from the immature things men say and do (or in most cases, fail to do) to the incessant cheating habits some men have, men stay fucking up…yet it is really the woman’s fault because we tolerate this shit and continue to stick around, citing “loyalty” to our man or situation. Fuck that! Since it seems so nonsensical… why do we do it? This question has had me thinking and making mental notes for quite some time and after drawing from all the situations I have witnessed, I have concluded that there are eight main reasons, in no particular order, for why women put up with a man’s bullshit:

1)   Attention:  Women, a lot of times, put up with bullshit because it’s better than not getting any attention from your man at all. Every woman wants attention from a man and sometimes that leads them to do alotta shit, which includes sticking around longer than necessary. I recently referenced an article entitled “The Come Over And Chill Girl” which accurately states that women would  “rather be the come over and chill girl versus being alone facebook stalking their ex”… this was funny because it showed that women will stoop to anything just for some male attention.

2)   Wasting Time:  If it’s one thing women hate, it’s feeling like they wasted time on some nigga and a relationship with him. Dropping a man who’s on that bullshit brings about that scary feeling of having to start over with someone new. Putting all that effort into someone for weeks/months/years makes women feel almost obligated to stick around and attempt to “make it work”. However, you will find that in most cases, there isn’t anything you can do to improve the situation and you should just go ahead and start something new instead of wasting more time with this gump.

3)   No Other Options: No one ever wants to be left without any other options. Therefore, we tend to stick with the only choice we have… despite all of their ridiculousness. Some women feel the fighting and tolerating of the bullshit is justified in the fact that at least its SOMETHING with SOMEONE. But what’s funny is that everyone ALWAYS has another option. You can always find someone else to get involved with, don’t ever feel like your only options are to stick around with that fool or be alone. You won’t be alone…and if for some reason you are, you’ll be better off.

4)   They Think He Will Save Them: You then have that select group of women who put up with their man’s cheating and bullshit because they are trying to hold out for the pot of gold at the end of the tunnel. For instance, if you’re dating an athlete and always salty that he is unfaithful and lying about it, why would you stay? Because you are attracted to the other positive, more lucrative characteristics he possesses and sometimes hope that there will be some reward (money, trips, gifts, etc.) presented by him once he realizes he has fucked up. Ummmm.. don’t count on that happening, because it rarely does. And even if he is paying for you to stick  around, who wants to be bought out… after being dogged out? Fuck that.

5)   FOMO: For those of you not familiar with FOMO, it stands for Fear Of Missing Out. I find that this is one of the best reasons why women stick around whack ass niggas. It seems that more often than not once we break up with a man, their next relationship ends up being “the one”. We get jealous that he changed for the next girl and feel like now WE are missing out on the benefits of being with this changed man, who without our help, would still be lame. That fear of missing out on something keeps us lingering hoping it is us that reaps the benefits of what we have sowed.

6)   When Things Are Good, They’re REALLY Good: It becomes easier for some women to overlook their partner’s faults if his positive qualities are just that on point. Rationalizing that the good things outweigh the bad is a terrible mentality to get into.  There can be a million and one good things about a man or a situation but those one or two flaws could (and sometimes should) be the deal breakers! Don’t be blinded by the roses, the thorns come along with the territory.

7)   Baby Mama Syndrome: Women tolerate too much from their man just because he is the baby daddy. That doesn’t give a nigga an excuse to act out. If anything, he should be treating you like a queen because you are raising his child. Don’t try to “do it for the kids”, you will regret it and it won’t benefit them in the slightest.

8)   Replacement Girl Jealousy: Last but not least, many women hate to think of their current man with the next chick. The thought of this man paying attention to someone else? Flaunting her in public around the people that once knew you and he as a couple? Oh helllll naw. That is sometimes enough for women to hold tight and hope her man improves his attitude and behavior. Jealousy is one ugly trait that most females possess. No woman wants to see a man replace her because then, in her mind, it becomes a question of her character and this shouldn’t be about her, its about him! Upgrade yourself; Replace him before he can replace you.


I have found that most, if not all, of the situations surrounding those females involved with lame niggas had to do with one of the reasons above. As challenging as it may be to break the cycle of falling into these aforementioned habits, it is important for women to realize that there is always someone else out there. If your man is continually on that bullshit, stop putting up with it!! I don’t care how much you claim to “love” him, your expectations should be met (or at least a sizable effort made) and your man should be respecting you in the process. The longer you put up with his antics, the more comfortable he will get in the fact that your dumbass ain’t going anywhere. I know complacency is one helluva rut to get out of, but once you realize there is better out there for you, the happier you will be. Stop sacrificing your standards and dignity by putting up with shit from men just because you fear being single and lonely. It’s really not as bad as most of you think it is… wouldn’t you rather be single and satisfying yourself than in a relationship where you’re sacrificing yourself for someone who is less than satisfying? Think about it…


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