7 Things Women Should Know, That Annoy Men!

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As a seasoned 26-year-old man, I’ve come to realize that I do not know what I want in a woman.  I have no clue actually.  While this is true, I do know what I DON’T want.  Many of the ladies who read this may find it to be trivial nonsense or maybe they’ll laugh it off and not take it serious.   I hope neither because it is the dead on truth about what NOT to do around men.  It’s beyond the whole “looking through his phone” or “ letting him watch the game,” no, these are things women must understand, ESPECIALLY the single ones.  So without further ado, here are 7 Things women should know that annoy men. Lets get into it…


#7:  There is a time and place for social networks and that time is not while we are together:


I’ve been on a multitude of dates over the past 3 years and I must tell you, one of the most annoying things that a woman can do is tweet/Instagram/Facebook our entire date.  It’s not so much the phone at the table, which is incredibly rude anyway, but the fact that we can’t share an intimate moment.  No, we shouldn’t be ok with it either.  Not only does it come off as sad and desperate, it comes off as ghetto.  Men already hate taking and posing for pictures, so stopping every 25 feet and taking 5-6 pictures is a great way to not have that guy call you again.


#6: Substance, substance, substance!!!


We constantly want someone who is great at conversation.  Both genders love engaging in an array of intellectual topics.  There are those women who love art and film.  Women, who love sports and even women who love music.  But it’s the women who love social networks that get me.  Now before you say, “you already talked about this.”  Hear me out.  There is a life outside the social networking world.  You can touch it.  You can breathe it in.  You can taste it.  So, why the hell is 80% of our conversation about what you do on twitter?  Ladies, we don’t care about the guy who “creepily” hit on you via twitter.  We don’t care about the multitude of thirsty guys on who like your instagram.  I do not want to hear about a status you saw that you liked.  If you reference a person to me using their twitter handle, 9 times out of 10, I’ll tune out the rest of your conversation.


#5: You are not the captain of this ship!


I believe Chris Tucker said it best in the first Rush Hour, “Don’t you EVER touch a black mans radio.”  While this was a joke that has lasted a decade, it has become something that most men hold very dear to them.  The last thing I want is a girl to get in my car and start plugging up her iPod or iPhone and choosing the music.  Especially if I don’t know you that well or this is our first date.  Also, you are NOT authorized to turn the current track in the car.  The extent of your power is a granted courtesy of controlling the volume, which you are not even allowed to touch, just request.  Ladies who do not abide by these rules oft-times have seen the last of the inside of my car.


#4: Designated Talking Hours….


Listen ladies.   We are both adults.  Our days are consumed with frivolous tasks that take us from one end of the world to the next.  We can’t be expected to be free to talk the same hour.  Let’s not even set a precedent that we know is damn near impossible to meet.  It’s because of these precedents that often cause fights.  When I don’t answer it becomes a manhunt.  Forget working late on a project, not being near your phone or being in the bathroom because women see these as unreasonable reasons to not answer your phone.  No reason to set ourselves up for unreasonable expectations.


#3: Really, nothing exciting happened…


I’ve always wondered why rich men let their wives work at home or not at all.  It’s not because they want them to be comfortable or enjoy the good life, it’s truly because they do not want to hear about the inter office drama you engage in on a daily basis.  I really have no care to hear about interoffice beefs.  Tell me about your day and, if your day consists mostly of interoffice drama then I honestly do not want to hear about your day.  It’s not even real drama.  It’s a fake bubble that people live in these days where everything is taken as a slight.  Ok, so she asked you to make a copy and it’s not your job, don’t do it.  Just don’t make it seem like she asked you to give up your child or gave you a picture of them hugging your man.  When our ladies get off work, we just want to hang out and talk about non-work related things.  Ladies need to do a better job of picking the highlights of their day and keeping it concise.  Ok, yes we know you had lunch, do we care what it was, probably not.  Then comes the kicker, “so tell me about your day?”  Fellas, we have very little to say usually after a long day of work.  So ladies if we do decide to share it with you, try and read our emotion.  If it’s something that we don’t seem that engaged to talk about then please DO NOT ASK FOR DETAILS.  Nothing irks a man more than having to give unimportant details about something he doesn’t care about.


#2: Unlike Twitter, I do not want any followers….


I’ve had to deal with this every now and again and I rank it so high because it is literally one of THE most annoying things a woman can do, to me personally.  No examples, no funny little anecdotes about the situation.  I just can’t stand when girls (because women wouldn’t do this) follow you around your apartment.  I hate this for a multitude of reasons.  1.  It makes you look like a puppy.  I don’t know one woman who would want to be compared to a dog.  2. Shows a great deal of immaturity.  3. I do need my private moments, no; I do not want to have a conversation with you through the door while I’m taking a shit.  It has become something I have grown to loathe and immediately lose interest in a woman like that.  Really nothing else to say about it, ladies, if you are a follower, STOP IT!


Finally, the coup de grâce….


#1: Let Me Do It My Way


Men and women process information differently.  Men usually deal in black and white.  It either is or it isn’t.  Women use array of colors when they engage in thinking.  This doesn’t make women smarter but it does make them very unbearable to deal with.  When men are dealing with something, whether it is a relationship issue or, trouble at work, men just need to ability to go off and think.  We need a chance to be in our own thoughts.  I know personally when I get angry I need to be by myself for a while.  Most women want to immediately jump into the problem.  They want to immediately solve whatever is hurting us but, by prying and pushing for us to emote, you are actually worsening the situation.  God Bless women for trying to react quickly to help their man but, we really just need to be left alone.  Talking about it won’t help us immediately.  Maybe a couple of days later but just not RIGHT NOW.  Now, I’m not saying let him bottle it all up so he can explode but, give him a chance to process the information.  Now, if its something that can harm the relationship and must be address immediately then do it, not every situation is identical.  And not every problem is easily solved at the drop of a hat.  It’s not us blocking you out, we just need time to do things our own way.


There you have it.  7 Things that men think Women do that are beyond annoying.  Now don’t let these 7 points be the reason you leave a relationship.  This was just to alert those who are unaware of possibly tension that could be rising through women violating one or more of these no-no’s.





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