40 Days, 40 Habits You Should Break; Day #9: Texting vs. Calling

Posted Feb 22, 2013 by Freshhh in #KeepItAHundred

Bad Habit #9: Texting vs. Calling

Mobile device dependence has completely ruined our communication skills, and the fact that most of us rely heavily on texting to get our points across is a bad habit we have to work on breaking. How many of you can truly determine the tonation and meaning of every text? Don’t lie, you know you can’t detect those things and half the time you get a text and don’t even know what that person was trying to say. It is common for us to misconstrue what is said via text because of the fact that such things like sarcasm, inflection on certain words, and tone are not easily read. The fact that most people rely on texts and not calls has been a huge hindrance to the relationships we have. The fact that we read something that was sent to us, put our own tone and spin on it, then get frustrated is a very destructive cycle. While we find comfort in text messaging as a way to share our feelings about something, we need to learn how to not use it as a crutch. Calling someone and actually taking the time to get to know them over the phone and not via text is probably one of the things we fail to do most while dating.  Hearing someone’s reactions in real time and the inflections in their voice are part of what helps you build that bond with them as well as assess just how interested in you they may be. Also, when things get heated and you are arguing with someone, if you can’t be there to do it face-to-face with them, your next best bet would probably be over the phone and not some long ass text rant (which also provides legitimate proof of what you said, and this may come back to haunt you).  Problems only escalate in thee situations and they can almost always be prevented if you call and say what you feel and stop avoiding the problem through texts. Sometimes we need to take it back a few decades and get back to the basics of human communication and realize that a lot of out relationships would probably run smoother if we just pick up the phone and tell it like it is!




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