40 Days, 40 Habits You Should Break; Day #5: Having Bad Sex

Posted Feb 18, 2013 by Freshhh in #KeepItAHundred

Bad Habit #5: Having Bad Sex

So lemme ask you this…. On a scale of 1-10… How satisfied are you with your sex life?  Knowing how most of you will lie, I will say about 90% of you will say you are satisfied, but that number is probably closer to 15%. Keep it a hundred, please. It doesn’t matter if you are just having casual sex or have been in a loving relationship with someone for years, quality of sex usually deteriorates over time. Most people have their go-to sequence of moves, and after sleeping with them two times, you can predict what’s going to happen and when…how boring. The problem is we have gotten accustomed to just accepting it as being bad, and we pretend to be content. But let me ask you this… What’s the point of having bad sex?  If you’re smart, you should of answered this as THERE IS NO POINT. I have found that over the years, a majority of the sexual experiences I had been having were completely “ho-hum”, and I have searched to find out why. I found that people tend to approach sexual encounters as conquests and don’t really worry about quality since quantity takes precedence. But when this is the case, the odds of you seeing repeat partners are slim; who’s gonna come back for more when it wasn’t even good the first go-round? I feel like so many men think they are going to get a second go-round with women, by default, but the reality is that most women don’t want seconds (or just want your attention and fuck for the hell of it)….and would even take back the first time if they would of known the turn out would be lame. For those not in relationships, I think you have to come to a point where having this bad sex isn’t even worth it anymore. Just having sex to have it? Why not just pleasure yourself more often and have sex when necessary (aka with someone who actually knows what the hell they are doing)? I think you’ll find that a sex sabbatical can be pretty good for you, especially for women because it gives you time to explore yourself and make sure the bad sex isn’t you. And for those in relationships, just because you have a constant partner doesn’t mean your sex is any better than the next (hence why so many people cheat). You have to pay particular attention to your tendencies and do your best to not fall into a rut. Spice it up (Kama sutra, toys, different locations, etc.); your partner will appreciate it and it will probably increase a lot of non-sexual characteristics of your relationship as well.



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