40 Days, 40 Habits You Should Break; Day #4: Minimal Platonic Relationships

Posted Feb 17, 2013 by Freshhh in #KeepItAHundred

Bad Habit #4: Minimal Platonic Relationships

As a female with a  majority of male friends, I have to say that the platonic male friends in my life have probably taught me the most over the years, not to mention are probably the most fun to be around. I hate when people say that men and women cannot be friends, especially when there is some sort of physical attraction going either way. The truth is, men and women can maintain platonic relationships as long as you both grow the hell up and maintain some self-control. Although sexual attraction is usually at the forefront of every co-ed relationship, there has to be a time when you take a step back and realize that the person in question is probably better off as a friend and not another sexual conquest (yes, I am asking you to put your ego to the side for two seconds). We can learn a lot from the opposite sex, and men and women shouldn’t feel forced to look at every co-ed relationship as the potential for sex or dating. Personally, I will still take a man’s phone number while simultaneously letting him know that just because I am single doesn’t mean I am interested in him or even interested in dating at all. It’s important to recognize people who you feel you have a lot in common with and then take advantage of their knowledge and experiences to help expand your own ways of thinking. Try having a conversation with someone…without the end goal of sex in mind (Men, this goes out to you in particular). People today put so much pressure on having to find a significant other or trying to get in the panties; most of you spend countless hours a week talking to members of the opposite sex with these intentions and you should really just be building some quality friendships. Men always tell me that they “don’t have time for any female friends”… well maybe if you had some quality platonic female relationships, they would help you define the right woman for you and give you guidance… instead of you fucking your way through every female you meet until you find the one. Stop being thirsty for two seconds and just think about it…



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