40 Days, 40 Habits You Should Break; Day #27: Microwave Relationships

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Bad Habit #27: Microwave Relationships

Normally when cooking something, we can choose to cook it in either the oven or the microwave. Well, why is it that we know it’s better from the oven, yet there’s still something about having our meal ready in one-third the time that makes the microwave the more appealing method of choice. The same can be said for some of us when it comes to relationships. What exactly is a microwave relationship? Well, it’s a relationship that heats up quickly and ends up being brief and incredibly intense.

These relationships all start out on the up and up; you meet someone who appears to be “perfect”, everything you’re looking for. You jump in headfirst and, without even taking the time to truly get to know them, begin believing everything you’ve quickly learned about this person. Of course, sex is introduced right away, as well as meeting their family, friends, and/or children. Of course everything seems perfect until some time passes, you get to know them better, and you realize they weren’t who you thought they were. Like a microwave, the relationship heated up (too) quickly, in a short amount of time, and then… viola! It’s OVER.

Those people who usually participate in these types of relationships tend to have several of them a year, claiming to be serial monogamists (which is bullshit) or “lonely”. The problem is… these relationships aren’t healthy. In a society where we want everything fast (technology, food, weight loss, etc.), we tend to bring that same mentality of wanting everything fast and not having any patience into our relationships. Assuming we know all about a person based on the little bit they have shown us leads us to sell ourselves a dream and run with it. Our own insecurities lead us to find other people to fill those voids, and if this is sounding like the situation you usually find yourself in, you probably shouldn’t be in a relationship at all… unless it’s with yourself.


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