40 Days, 40 Habits You Should Break; Day #23: Name-Dropping

Posted Mar 12, 2013 by Freshhh in #KeepItAHundred

Bad Habit #23: Name Dropping

These days it appears that most people are enamored with knowing someone famous. Name-dropping has become the designer labeling of one’s social life, becoming a crutch for those people who are insecure and feel that they need some added credibility. Hoping it will give them that self-deluded “fix” that they too are important, it always has the opposite effect and is overwhelmingly transparent. In most cases, when someone name drops, they probably have little to no relationship with the celebrity/person they mentioned; they have either met this person less than a handful of times or simply got a follow-back on twitter. Oh, you know so-and-so? Ok, call them up right now and talk to them, ask them for a favor. Bet you probably couldn’t do that. Too many people come in contact with someone famous (or anyone who might have some sort of title) briefly and feel that this means something significant to other people. Truthfully, no one gives a shit. Everyone can tell that you are just trying to brag and aren’t even cool with the person, you only want approval from society, but end up looking like a thirsty groupie (a term that can be applicable to both males and females). The thing is, if you really do have famous friends, you will find that they are just regular people. Fame is a mantle that can provide fascinating experiences and bring out the best and worst in people, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that they are just like the rest of us and have a lot of the same problems we all have. Therefore, when you name-drop and brag around people who actually know famous people, you look ridiculous because those people who really have the “in” won’t ever bring up who they know. Sorry to burst your bubble, but no one’s impressed with whom you might or might not know, especially when they are too busy focusing on the rest of your shortcomings… you know, those things that aren’t changed by the fact that you know a celebrity.


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