40 Days, 40 Habits You Should Break; Day #20: Not Thinking Before You Speak

Posted Mar 7, 2013 by Freshhh in #KeepItAHundred

Bad Habit #20: Not Thinking Before You Speak

Today’s bad habit should speak to all of you, especially those of you who tend to get hotheaded in arguments. Most of us get into the bad habit of not thinking before we speak on too many occasions, usually when we are angry. We develop this “Ready, Fire, Aim” approach to things and it ends up either getting us in trouble or ruining our relationship… or both. You have got to think before you speak/act. Now of course this usually happens when we are arguing with people, but you can also speak prematurely when you are trying to rush to beat someone else to the punch; being quick at the tongue can get you into trouble when it causes you to agree or promise to something you had no intention of agreeing to in the first place. From an argumentative perspective, not thinking before you speak, can leave you with your foot in your mouth. Saying negative things in the heat of the moment without considering other people’s feelings (or even your own) can be very detrimental to your relationship. We have to take a minute to thoroughly think things through and not let our mouth be in drive while our mind is in neutral. Once you say something to someone, good or bad, you can’t take it back. Forever will that one line be emblazoned into their mind, especially if it was something filled with emotion and said maliciously during an argument. Sometimes it might not be what you say, but how you say it. Always walk away from crazy situations, calm down, and take time to collect your thoughts and form a solid opinion or argument before you get to poppin off at the mouth. Not only can this “ready, fire, aim” approach ruin relationships, it can also make you look pretty foolish in the long run when you are trying to make amends for something that you said prematurely and cannot take back. There’s no amount of apologizing that can erase the damage done by hurtful words, so it is imperative that you take the time to think before speaking or just refrain from saying anything at all.



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