40 Days, 40 Habits You Should Break; Day #10: Unrealistic Expectations

Posted Feb 24, 2013 by Freshhh in #KeepItAHundred

Bad Habit #10: Unrealistic Expectations

It’s great to have expectations…for your relationships, career, friendships, etc. However, I find that people do a bad job of framing these expectations to properly suit their lives and more so, the actual reality of life in general. I think having high expectations can be detrimental for some people because they fail to set their high expectations realistically. I am not saying you should settle for things that you feel fall to meet your expectations, but what I am saying is for you to step back for a second and assess whether or not the benchmarks you have set, particularly in your dating life, are achievable. Of course, you don’t want to set the bar so low that everyone you date meets your standards because that’s counter productive. But you do have to acknowledge that in today’s world, certain things are commonplace and you have to factor them into what exactly it is you’re expecting from your partner. In the world of social networks and piss-poor communication amongst couples, you have to remember that what you might have expected your girlfriend or boyfriend to do in the past, might not be what is realistically do-able these days; of course your partner won’t have eyes for only you when they’re always on instagram getting tempted to look elsewhere. Be honest with yourself and set goals that are reasonable; you will only be disappointed by everything and everyone if you aren’t thinking of things realistically. Have standards and expectations, but make sure someone can actually meet them.




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