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8 Reasons Why Women Put Up With A Man’s Bullshit

Whether I am analyzing the relationships my friends and I have with men or those I see on tv and in the movies, I have come to the conclusion that women put up with a lot of shit from men. In fact, too much shit from men.  Ran...


Young Men More Sensitive Than Women To Relationship Quality?

When I received the link to this article in my email yesterday, I read the title then immediately shrugged off the notion that men could ever be “more sensitive” than women in any relationship/dating scenario. How...



Truth Will Always Be Truth, Regardless Of Lack Of Understanding, Disbelief, Or Ignorance   -Charlamagne Tha God | @cthagod



ADVICE: Learn To Say What You Need To Say, When You Need To Say It, but MAKE SURE It’s To The Person Who Needs To Hear It!!   -Kenny Burns | @KennyBurns



Some Of Life’s Greatest Pleasures Are Found Through Simplicity


“Come Over & Chill”…

Today, I read a very interesting, albeit long, blog post that I didn’t even know was written by a man until I got to the end where he identified himself as such. I was floored at how accurate he described a situation many wom...





…But You’re Engaged Now? Oh Ok.

I repeat. Men KILL me. Sooooo…  a hearty congrats goes out to the newly engaged (although, I think he and her have been engaged on previous occasions…but I digress…) couple consisting of one cheating ass boyfriend and hi...


Women & Their “Rules”?

Men kill me. This weekend, my best friend and I were visiting some friends in New York City and we, as usual, got into a heated debate with a male friend who claimed that women make up their own “rules” about relationships ...


N*gga, You ALWAYS Gon’ Wanna Smash Somebody Else….

iTunes was on shuffle tonight and a track off Phonte’s album Charity Starts At Home came on. At the end of the track “Eternally”, comedian Affion Crockett spits the truth when it comes to men and their impur...