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I Wish My Husband WOULD.

It seems to be the season for scandals. First the hoopla surrounding Sandusky and my beloved Joe Pa at Penn State and now this; Syracuse Associate Head Men’s Basketball Coach Bernie Fine accused of molesting three young b...


Nothing But Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving! Today, despite all of the food and football, we all should take the time to truly reflect on what we are thankful for. Aside from….well, food and football… I am super thankful for another success...

No Second Chances Ova Here, Boo Boo!

I thought I had my former boo situation all figured out until I had dinner with my girl last Friday night and she kept it realer than real with me. Up until Friday, I had decided that I would be moving on and if boo came back a...


Mike Posner | “The Layover” Mixtape

I hadn’t even heard of Mike Posner until I came across this mixtape the other day. He covers a lot of hit singles including “Rollin in the Deep” by Adele and “Wonderwall” by Oasis. Def worth the do...


Stuck In Third

So my dating life is kind of at a semi-standstill. I’m over the guy I was talking to, on the verge of beginning something new with a man I put on hold while involved with the ex, and I somehow seem to always have this third g...


No, Fool. I Will Not Send You A Pic.

Let me keep this simple: Don’t ever ask me to send you a picture. If you’re a man that I’ve graciously given my phone number to, the one way for you to fuck it up would be to ask me for a pic.  Don’t get me wrong, have...


Basketball Players Seek Alternative Activities During The Lockout

Good Morning America did its “Play of the Day” on what some of the basketball players are doing to pass the time during the lockout. Chris Paul on Family Feud, Kevin Durant playing flag football, and Nick Young &...


Fake Doctor Injected Woman’s Butt With Cement And Super Glue

Attention all you hoes outchea! If you’re going to get this shit done, at least don’t be cheap and do ya research! YIKES! Fake Doctor Injected Woman’s Butt With Cement And Super Glue  


David Correy

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting David Correy. He is not only HELLA fucking cool, but he has an incredible voice; I never thought that voice would come out of him. He is awesome, and I support the #UrbanRock movement 100...