10 Things To Keep Your Man….

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Saw this article on 10 things to keep your man, written by a woman…hmmmmm..I agree with all of them!!!

10. Be Your Own Person
Be yourself. If you like to go shopping and he likes to mow the lawn, that’s OK. Go shopping. Bring him back a hat to keep the sun out of his eyes. If he likes cold and you like hot, that’s OK too. Tell him to put on a sweater, or you take yours off. You don’t have to be just like him to please him. In fact, he will probably prefer for you to have your own opinion on things. It makes for a much more interesting relationship. Don’t change your ways entirely just for him. It’s great to agree, and to come together and find things you like as a couple, but it doesn’t have to be like that at all times. Plus, sometimes it’s fun to have harmless little disagreements, you can always make up later.

9. Try Something He Likes
Not to go against number ten, but try something he likes. If he loves to go to the races, give it a try. You might actually like it. Of course, you might not, but at least he will see that you are willing to try for him. It is important not to whine or complain when you are trying his ideas out. It will only make him want to leave you at home the next time. If you don’t like whatever he has chosen to do, try something else. The important thing is just trying. If you really care about the person, chances are that you will see how much he enjoys doing it, and you will like it at least a little just from the way it makes you feel watching him.

8. Do Your Part Around the House
If you stay at home full time and he works full time, do the cleaning at home. If you both work, you both should clean. If he’s the one home full time and you’re the one working, you can still help a little. In my case, I am a full time homemaker. I do my best to keep a decent house. It’s not perfect, but with two kids, a dog, and my husband, it’s almost impossible to be perfect. Your man shouldn’t expect perfection anyway. Just doing the basics should keep him happy. No one likes to look at a mess all the time. If you keep up on the little jobs, it will keep them from turning into big jobs later.

7. Cook A Nice Breakfast
Or any meal for that matter. Breakfast really seems to get a man off to a good start though. If you don’t have time to cook breakfast, or your schedules don’t allow it, make up for it at supper. I know it sounds so old fashioned, but a man really does appreciate that hot meal when he gets home from work. Who wouldn’t enjoy coming home to a fresh, hot dinner after a hard days work?

6. Don’t Say “How High” When he says “Jump”
Don’t do every little thing he tells you to do. I know plenty of women that seem to do just that. It doesn’t seem to work from where I’m sitting. You have to be able to put your foot down at times and do what you feel is best. How is this going to please a man? It will make him see that you and your opinions matter. It should make him see that you are his equal and that you should sit down and discuss things instead of trying to taking control. It will make you happier to be heard, which in turn, will make him happier because you won’t be mad at him.

5. Flirt With Him
You can be married 80 years and I believe you should still flirt. Send him a smile from across the room. Give him the eyes when you’re picking out fruit at the grocery store. Graze his arm softly when you’re reaching for the salt at dinner. Brush your body against his when you walk around him to go to the next room. Keep your relationship young. Never forget how much fun it was in the beginning, try to keep that alive at all times.

4. Play
Play with him! No, not like that. Really play with him. Wrestle on the floor. Squirt water at him through the window when you’re doing dishes. Tickle him. Be goofy, make him laugh. Just because you’re getting older, doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. Keep him on his toes, and he’ll keep coming back for more.

3. Tell Him He’s Sexy
Let him know you still want him. Even if he has gained a couple pounds, assure him that he still does it for you. Remind him what it was about him that took your breath away when you first met. Tell him what it is about him that takes your breath away still. Men need compliments just as much as the ladies do.

2. Tell Him Thank You
Let him know how much you appreciate everything that he does. Whether, he’s worked hard and is providing for your family, or even if he just raked the leaves, tell him thank you.

1. Sex
I know it’s cliche, but it’s true. Ladies, hang up your excuses at the door, and just give him sex. I’m not saying all day every day, but it’s got to be more than once a month. If you’re always fighting against him, it will totally go against #3, and he will not feel sexy. Keep him excited, keep him interested, keep him!

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