10 Pitfalls Of Dating A Man With Money

Posted Feb 9, 2012 by Freshhh in Dating

I came across this article that talked about three pitfalls for dating men with money… of course, having dated several myself, I found their three reasons to be….well… lacking. Here are some things you should keep in mind before you start dealin’ with this type of man:

  1. Ego Trippin’: Most men with money have a high level of self-regard. They know money is an aphrodisiac for most women and they know how to manipulate it. Ego on swole ALL the time.
  2. Short-Term Mindset: These men are less likely to get emotionally invested or involved in a long-term relationship. If you are hoping for romance, true love, emotional connection, or a soul mate, you may end up disappointed. Men sometimes like to believe that the more money they have the more options that should come with it. You may have to compromise your relationship priorities and switch your main priority to financial security if you plan on making this work.
  3. High Expectations: You may have to meet higher expectations/standards that you may not be used to or comfortable with. Women will be throwing themselves at your man, sending him reckless DM’s/photos, etc. Your competition is fierce and plentiful… make yourself the most unique of all the options and hope that that’s enough to keep his attention.
  4. Insecurity/Paranoia: Everyone is out to get them or use them for their money. This one kills me. These men talk about how everyone always wants something from them, yet they over extend themselves to all the wrong people. I know athletes who complain about gold-digger types but don’t see their own family members living off of them. Blinders on… they only see what they want  to see.
  5. Excessive Lifestyle: Think– too much of everything…always in excess. I was dating this guy and we took a weekend trip toAtlanta. I packed a small duffle; he packed 2 suitcases and a carry on duffle. Two days in the A and this nigga brought at least 8 pairs of jeans with him… all with tags on them. Plenty of shirts, jackets, sneakers, and hats to match. Then he had the nerve to be up in Neiman’s and Barney’s looking at jeans while we were there. RIDICULOUS. I was literally sick to my stomach. It’s one thing to have a lot of nice things, but don’t let anyone convince you that there isn’t a such thing as TOO MUCH! There is.
  6. Cheap: Plenty of money…yet they are CHEAP. I learned this lesson as well. Just because a man has money, doesn’t mean he will leave a 15-20% tip at a restaurant. Cheap when they shouldn’t be then up in the strip club blowing tens of thousands of dollars hours later. Some of the richest men I know are probably some of the cheapest sons of bitches on the planet. It’s truly a sickness…and embarrassing when you sitting with a million dollar man and he don’t leave a tip.
  7. Rudeness is Commonplace: Men with money stay feeling like they should dictate the schedule. “I’m paying for the movie, for dinner… then we will go when I’m ready”. Of COURSE you should want to wait for them, deal with them texting and tweeting when they shouldn’t be, etc. (*eye roll*) This type of rude behavior occurs because they feel so entitled to do whatever they damn well please since they are paying for your time. Again, for me, this is inexcusable. I’ll buy my own dinner and eat at home if I’m going to have to deal with this shit in order to be out with you. Nigga, please.
  8. OD Schedule: Most men with money have such funds because they put in long hours at the “office”. Long hours and hectic schedules are a huge pitfall for dating this type of man because it usually means he is sometimes too busy for you and/or you’re on call for when he has free time. However, this can be a perk; if he travels for work, take a couple of days off from work and join him. Don’t let the schedule ruin a good thing….
  9. Frequently Tempted to Misbehave: Tricking in the club on a nightly basis…how faithful can he be?
  10. He’s No Happier Than His Poorer Counterparts: Listen. I don’t care what anyone says. If your life was filled with drama and you weren’t happy BEFORE you got the money, nothing will change AFTER you get it. Plain and simple. Once an asshole…always an asshole. And rarely does the money make putting up with it tolerable.

Rest assured ladies, most men we come across are broke anyway… they have their own pitfalls… which are way too lengthy for me to try and list… I am, after all, only at work for eight hours. And honestly, they aren’t all this bad. There are some who exhibit some of these characteristics but still use the funds to treat you the way you should be treated. However, don’t let the purses and dinners replace respect, loyalty, and honesty.

And for those of you men with money… Bet you feel stupid because you exhibit all of the aforementioned qualities. I know it’s hard… but you should do your best to make a solid effort to prove me wrong here. Make the money; don’t let the money make you!!

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